WCNA Executive Officers

Dee DukesPresident. Dee is a community leader, educator in the school system and 30+ years of professional business experience. Dee attended all neighborhood schools and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Joseph’s University.

Dee is the founder of WCNA and serves as the current and 1st President of the non-profit organization. WCNA serves the needs of the 16,000+ neighbors by strengthening the quality of life and providing resources to assist the entire Wynnefield community. 

Dee was raised in Wynnefield in the 1970’s, moved away in the late 80’s and after many years, returned to the family home in the early 2010’s. Dee loves the generations of family who continue to call Wynnefield their home after many years and warm friends and family who often return to reminisce of special times.

Derrick HowieVice President. Derrick has been a Wynnefield resident for over 50 years.

Derrick is a Board member and Chairs the Neighborhood Preservation Committee. He partners with non-profit organizations and corporations and works as a team with other WCNA Board members to ensure that the needs of the Community are met.

Derrick loves the Wynnefield Community and feels grateful to live in this historical Community. He shows his gratitude for living in Wynnefield by serving the neighbors of Wynnefield.

Vacant OPEN – Administrator/Secretary – Responsible for supporting the Executive Officers and providing assistance to the WCNA Committees / leadership teams, and is vitally important to the overall management of the organization.

Vacant OPEN – Finance Manager/Treasurer – Responsible for overseeing the management and reporting of all WCNA financial affairs, financial literacy, accurate record keeping, etc. and preparing budgets that support WCNA’s goals, objectives and mission.

WCNA Board Members

Crystal Culler – Communications. Crystal is a Temple University graduate, (Communications Major/Linguistics Minor), retiree from the federal government in Public Health, currently employed by the Philadelphia School District and is a caregiver for her elderly mother. Crystal enjoys gardening, swimming and traveling.

Crystal is a Board member and Chairs the Communications Committee. Crystal also assists with Chairing responsibilities of the Social Media Committee and serves on various other WCNA Committees. She joined WCNA to help restore and maintain a safer and more sustainable Wynnefield.

Crystal has been a resident of Wynnefield since 1970, left in 1993 and returned in 2021. Crystal loves being raised in Wynnefield because of the standard of living that is engrained here as well as the abundance of trees & greenery.

Angela D. Jones – Health & Wellness. Angela is an advocate for all ages, cultures, genders, and races, and desires to make changes for the good of all individuals.

Angela is a Board member and Chairs the Health & Wellness Committee. Angela joined WCNA because of the changes that are taking place within the community and voices that are not being heard.

Angela has been living in Wynnefield for 48 years. The neighbors have known each other for many years and everyone cares about the community/neighborhood.

Angela loves and wants to see that Wynnefield remains that place that everyone calls home.

Gilda Johnson – Political Education Gilda is a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner in two (2) private practices, one in Ardmore and one in South New Jersey.

Gilda is a Board member and Chairs the Political Education Committee with Dee Dukes and serves on the Zoning and Health & Wellness Committees.

Gilda’s family moved to Wynnefield in 1967. She lived outside of PA for about 10 years but moved back to Wynnefield in 2001.

Gilda loves the beauty of the trees and the homes, the closeness to Center City and the suburbs. Through her work with WCNA, she hopes to contribute to keeping Wynnefield a welcoming neighborhood for families.

Bernadette Cash – Communications. Bernadette is currently enjoying retirement after working for HUP for 18yrs in their Gastro Department.

Bernadette is interested in what happens in Wynnefield and made the decision to become active in her Community.  

Bernadette is a Board member and serves as a member of the Zoning Committee and assists Crystal Culler on the Communications Committee.

Bernadette has been a Wynnefield resident for 13yrs and loves the beauty and historic houses in the Wynnefield Community. When she was younger, she had a friend who lived in Wynnefield. Bernadette would say to herself, “When I get older, I am going to buy myself a house in Wynnefield”, and now her dream has come true, and here she is.

Jerel Crew – Safe Corridors & Town Watch. Jerel is a NAAGA Chapter President, USCCA Certified Training Counselor, USCCA Certified Firearm Instructor, Consultant, USCCA Range Safety Officer, NRA Member, CPR Certified, Stop the Bleed YouTuber, Husband & Father

Jerel is a Board member and Co-Chairs the Safe Corridors & Town Watch Committee with Karise Crew. The Crew family has lived in Wynnefield for four (4) generations.

Jerel loves Wynnefield because it is like a family, and the rich history and legacy stands for itself.

Karise Crew – Safe Corridors & Town Watch. Karise is a Community advocate, abolitionist educator, and co-business owner of “That Gun Talk, Firearm Safety training & Gun Club with Jarel Crew. Through the safety trainings, the gun club instructs the community on how to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Karise is a Board member and Co-Chairs the Safe Corridors & Town Watch Committee with Jerel Crew. Karise joined WCNA to help support and protect our Wynnefield Community.

The Crew family has been a resident of Wynnefield for multiple generations. Karise loves that it is still a family community, and loves the rich history of the area.

Lee Scottlorde – Neighborhood Preservation. Lee is a resident of Wynnefield and works professionally with the Fairmount Park Conservancy as the Tree Philly Coordinator.

Lee is a Board member and a member of the Neighborhood Preservation Committee.

Lee is a hard worker and gives dedicated support to WCNA and the Wynnefield Community.

Njemele Anderson – Zoning / Land Development. Njemele is a proud Wynnefield resident. She is an educator and has worked in the field of education for 16 years.

Njemele is a Board member and Co-Chairs the Zoning Committee with Dee Dukes. Njemele joined WCNA because Wynnefield is special to her. She wants to assist in continuing the legacy of this awesome community.

Njemele was born in Wynnefield and has lived here on and off for over 50 years. She has a deep love for Wynnefield. In her heart, Wynnefield is the most beautiful place to live.

Angela Hall-Morris – Youth Advisory. Angela Hall is a professional in the pediatric dentistry industry. Angela currenly lives in Wynnefield.

Angela is a Board member and Co-Chairs the Youth Advisory Committee with Dee Dukes. Angela currently works with the youth of WCNA in hopes of encouraging and motivating them to get involved.

Angela and her family migrated from the Overbrook Park area of the City where she was very active in the Civic Association working on the Beautification Committee. Out of love for keeping her Community clean, she decided to reach out to Villanova University and join their efforts in partnership to host a Community Cleanup Day.

Carol Gary – Membership & Recruitment. Carol is a long-time resident of Wynnefield. Her family moved to the Community in the 1960’s when the neighborhood was primarily Jewish Americans.

Carol is the Chair of the Membership & Recruiting Committee with assistance from other Board members to carry out delegated tasks.

Carol was a block captain for many years for the 5400 block of West Berks Street. She is a wonderful people person and is loved by many of her family, neighbors and friends.

Nadja-Hill Williams – Health & Wellness. Nadja and her husband are residents and new business owners of Prosperity Home Care, located at 1911 N. 54th Street in Wynnefield.

Nadja is a Board member and serves as a member of the Health & Wellness Committee.

Nadja joined WCNA in the fall of 2021, and has been a welcomed and supportive Board member.

Sheila Wilson – Zoning. Sheila is a long-time resident of Wynnefield. Her family moved to the Community in the 1960’s when the neighborhood was attractive to working families and business owners.

Sheila is a Board member and serves as a member of the Zoning Committee. Sheila joined WCNA in 2021 and the Zoning Committee to advocate for responsible land development and homeownership for new neighbors who want to raise their families in a friendly, suburban-like neighborhood, convenient to Center City and surrounding counties.

Sheila is a dedicated Community leader and block captain for the 5200 block of Arlington Street or over 20+ years.

Hannah Rollings – Grants/Fundraising. Hannah is a resident of Wynnefield since 1985. Hannah is the co-Block captain of the 5400 block of Morse Street in Wynnefield.

Hannah is a Board member and serves as a member of the Grants/Fundraising Committee. Hannah became interested in working with WCNA to support Dee Dukes with a new non-profit Community organization in Wynnefield.

Hannah is dedicated and dependable and supports WCNA and the Wynnefield Community.

Denise Anderson – Zoning/Land Development. Denise has lived in Wynnefield for 40+ years and loves her neighbors, family and long-time friends.

Denise is a Board member and serves as a member of the Zoning Committee. Denise joined WCNA in the fall of 2021 and welcomed the opportunity to get involved and learn more about Zoning matters, support her Community and make a difference.

Denise is dedicated, dependable and supports WCNA and other annual events in the Wynnefield Community.